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Student-led initiative has raised more than $1 million

Cure Cancer Classic, a student-run, not-for-profit initiative, has raised more than $1 million to support cancer research over the past 17 years.

Created in 2005 by a group of Smith School of Business commerce students, the dedicated team of volunteers has raised the funds through rivalry hockey games as well as golf and hockey tournaments.

The most recent event, the Queen’s Classic hockey tournament hosted in late November which brings together teams from across the university, raised more than $120,000, pushing the grand total to over $1 million.

For the current executive team, led by commerce students Amy Janes and Robert Hume, reaching the goal is both a moment to remember and motivation for moving ahead.

“There is a great sense of accomplishment and pride, and we feel incredibly honoured to have carried on the legacy and lead the team that achieved this monumental milestone,” Janes says, pointing to the hard work put in by the 35 members of the executive team. “Every executive member has a personal story with cancer and achieves purpose by providing hope to loved ones battling, living with, and moving past the disease. We feel extremely fulfilled by the ability to continuously generate impactful change and support the Canadian Cancer Trials Group.”

Through a partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society, Cure Cancer Classic is helping fund cancer research at the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG), headquartered at Queen’s.

Janes and Hume have both been part of the Cure Cancer Classic team for three years and have worked to increase participation in the events and fundraising.

The year’s Queen’s Classic tournament drew 175 players from across the university and also attracted an increased number of sponsors from the Kingston community and beyond. The effort led to a record-breaking result.

Getting to this point has taken a massive amount of dedication from student volunteers, the co-chairs explain, elevating the initiative from a class project 17 years ago to where it is now.

“We have to thank every single person that has been a part of Cure Cancer Classic since Day 1,” Hume says. “Our team recognizes and is grateful for the efforts of those who built the organization's foundation and supported the year-over-year growth and advancement that has positioned us to where we are now. We hope everyone who has journeyed with CCC since 2005 can feel the same level of pride and achievement as we do today.”

Currently, Cure Cancer Classic comprises four events: the Queen’s Classic tournament; the Commerce Classic, a hockey tournament bringing together teams from business schools across Canada; the Cure Cancer Classic golf tournament – the newest addition; and the Comm-Eng Rivalry Hockey Game.

The rivalry game is played at the Leon’s Centre in March and features two teams made up of students from the commerce and engineering programs at Queen’s. This year’s event was a sell-out at the 4,700-seat arena and raised $340,000.

With more events to come there is room for growth and more fundraising to support cancer research.

“The Canadian Cancer Society is so excited and fortunate to be working closely with the Cure Cancer Classic team again this year,” says Doug Kane, Director Independent Fundraising and Sports Alliances for the Canadian Cancer Society. “The entire CCC team continues to show us the power of collaboration and teamwork. They are an extremely dedicated, innovative, and passionate group of students having a significant impact on the cancer landscape. The funds they raise support the amazing cancer research being conducted at the Canadian Cancer Trials Group located here at Queen’s and Kingston.”

This article was originally written by Communications Staff at Queen's Gazette and posted on December 20, 2022. You can find the original article here.


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