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The Lineup


The Cure Cancer Classic Executive Team is comprised of 36 students with a love for hockey and a passion for helping others. Led by Co-Chairs Kate Sheedy and Justin Tanenbaum, this dedicated group is excited to deliver the best events to date.

As leaders within the Queen's Commerce Society, we’re continuously seeking opportunities to develop our impact and presence within the greater Kingston community.

Coach's Corner

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Kate Sheedy
Exec Photos (58).jpg
Connor Rudderham
Senior Advisor
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Exec Headshots (47).jpg
Troy Boydell
Senior Advisor


Exec Photos (69).jpg
Exec Photos (80)_edited.jpg
Caley Monaco
Sponsorship Director
Sarah Andersons
Sponsorship Director
Emma McCurdy-Franks
Corporate Sponsorship
Exec Photos (105).jpg
Exec Photos (36).jpg
Exec Photos (112).jpg
Ryan Regier
Corporate Sponsorship
Mason Drutz
Tournament Sponsorship
Max Tack
Tournament Sponsorship


Exec Photos (101).jpg
Ben Schwartz
Logistics Director
Exec Photos (10).jpg
Devyn Pearson
Player & Fan Experience
Exec Photos (25).jpg
Exec Headshots (59)_edited.jpg
Noah Solomon
Tournament Logistics
Vienna Dimovski
Tournament Logistics


Exec Photos (109).jpg
Kate Fitzpatrick
Marketing Director
Exec Photos (178).jpg
Max Back
Publications & Graphic Design
Exec Photos (15).jpg
Sarah Johnson
Media & IT
Exec Photos (34)_edited_edited.jpg
Sarah Loveridge
Publications & Graphic Design


Exec Photos (131).jpg
Exec Headshots (81).jpg
Exec Photos (66).jpg
James Moffat
Strategic Advisor
Alannah Turnbull
Brand Promotions
Aly Marley
Brand Promotions
Exec Photos (57).jpg
Trevor Longo
Public Relations
Exec Headshots (143)_edited.jpg
Owen Stock
Special Events Coordinator


Exec Headshots (52).jpg
Exec Photos (95).jpg
Exec Photos (22).jpg
Adam Hargarten
Teams Director
Emma Chan
Team Liason
Sarah Muxlow
Team Liason
Exec Photos (120).jpg
Ryan Kidd
Commerce Coordinator
Exec Photos (125).jpg
Nicolas Roussel
Engineering Coordinator


Exec Photos (63).jpg
Kamil 2_edited_edited.jpg
Exec Headshots (68).jpg
Christian Haggith
Partnerships Director
Kamil Mamdani
External Relations
Meg Thomson
External Relations
Exec Headshots (22).jpg
Chris Prangikos
Brand Partnerships
Exec Photos (140).jpg
Jake Moffat
Brand Partnerships

Frosh Reps

Anchor 8
Exec Photos (40).jpg
Gemma Trusler
First Year Representative
Exec Photos (43).jpg
Jaeger Watson
First Year Representative
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