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Cure Cancer Classic 2024 in Photos

The Cure Cancer Classic Rivalry Game was held March 14


Team Commerce took home the win at this year's rivalry game. IMAGE BY: HERBERT WANG

Students line up outside of the Slush Puppie Place ahead of Rivalry game.

Views from the ice during the National Anthem.

Members of the two teams face off.

The engineering crowd was lively, as always.

A nice save from Team Engineering’s Goaltender.

Members of Team Engineering gather to discuss with Goaltender.

The Timbits are cheered on during between-period play.

A stellar shot by a Timbits player.

Team Engineering desperately tries to keep Team Commerce from scoring.

Engineers showing off their painting skills.

Team Commerce celebrates a goal.

Team Engineering fans showing their support.

Team Commerce celebrating their game win.

Team Commerce admiring their trophy.

Team Commerce gathered for a victory team photo.

This article was originally written by Herbert Wang and published by The Queen's University Journal on March 15, 2024. To view the original article, click here.


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